Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you teach complete beginners?

Absolutely, we all have to start somewhere so don’t worry at all about being a beginner! I have taught many beginners over the years and my lessons are tailored to each of my pupils, meaning that we can go as fast or as slow as you like. You won't stay as a beginner for long here at Singing Lessons Exeter!

Do you teach young people?

Yes! I teach students of all ages because anyone can learn to sing. I started during my teenage years but there is really no harm in starting at any age (so long as you do things right). I currently teach quite a few young students, helping them develop their vocal strength and ability and parents are welcome to sit in (and even join in!) during our lessons. For peace of mind, I've also had a full DBS check (which has now replaced the CRB check).

Where are you based?

I teach all my singing lessons at my home studio located on Coombe St, Exeter, EX1 1DB in central Exeter. It is a great place to learn to sing, with good access on public transport from across Exeter. Click on the map below to find my teaching location on Google maps - my full teaching address will be provided upon your first lesson booking.

Singing Lessons Exeter Map

Do I have to sing in a certain style?

Absolutely not. The technical side of things is there to feed into whichever genre of music you want to work in. In most cases, the techniques taught by classical teachers are actually the same. I'm classically trained myself, yet most of the time I sing in a more contemporary style. We'll look at many varieties of music as we discover the amazing creative instrument that is the voice so you can discover what fits with your style.

What happens in our first lesson?

In your first taster session, we’ll warm-up, sing through one of your favourite songs (let me know what that is in advance if you want me to accompany you on that one) and then have a chat about what your goals are and how you want to structure your lessons.

What songs will we sing?

It's up to you! We'll sing a combination of songs which help to build your range, expression and stamina, as well as any songs which you love. I'm open to all styles so we can focus on the music that you really enjoy as well as improving your singing.

How should I structure my lessons?

It depends on what your goals are. If you want to take graded exams, I suggest a half-hour or hour lesson a week, but if you are taking a really casual approach, you might want to take lessons fortnightly. We'll discuss that during your taster session though, so no need to worry.

Do I need to bring anything?

I recommend a bottle of water and a notebook.

Do you accompany me while I sing?

This will vary depending on what we're doing as the piano is my second instrument. If you chose to do graded exams, I'll make sure you have an excellent pianist to accompany you.

Do you offer gift vouchers? 

Yes, call me for more information!

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