Here are my singing lessons prices:


ONE HOUR - £30

The majority of my students take an hours singing lesson each week, with a few taking their lesson once a fortnight. It is totally up to you how often you decide to take lessons. For younger children below 12, I have found that half-hour lessons each week work best, to find out more simply drop me an email.

Male & Female Vocal Tuition

I tutor both male and female singing students, helping them to develop their vocal control, range and overall tone through focusing on the songs that inspired them to learn to sing.

I incorporate useful exercises and warm-ups in my lessons to achieve fantastic results, as well as forming a structured course of lessons that ideal suits each student's voice.

If you are interested in learning to develop your singing voice don't hesitate to get in touch by calling 03455 087241.

Learn to sing!
I work hard to ensure all my students feel comfortable and confident during lessons, helping even the self-conscious of singers to gain self-belief and progress.